Business Performance

Focus 20 has developed a robust methodology to review the business performance of companies based on a range of factors such as business, financial, market opportunity, technology, process, organization and ability to execute. We have found that many investment organizations and companies with outside equity stakes understand the financial and business factors of their investments. However, this understanding does not always paint a true picture. Our experience has taught us that it takes a more detailed understanding of a company based on the above factors to correctly assess its long term viability and potential financial and market growth. Focus 20 can support your efforts to assess and prioritize your investments, reducing risks, and increasing opportunities for success.

If you are interested in discussing with Focus 20 our business performance services to assess your portfolio of investments, please contact us at

"We work closely with investors and industry partners to review the business performance of their companies based on a range of factors including business, market, financial technology, process and organization."

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